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The inevitable has happened; Chris Brown has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon following the insane events of this morning.

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According to officials, Brown pulled a gun on a guest at his home early Tuesday morning after an argument, allegedly over some jewelry.

The woman, Baylee Curran (below), filed a police report against the troubled R&B singer, and the cops followed up, obtaining a warrant.

Incredibly, things got even weirder from there.

While he was holed up in his residence, Chris hurled bags of guns and drugs at the cops in a dramatic (even by his standards) standoff.

Seriously. All of that happened! Today.

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At that point, it was only a brief matter of time until police officials arrested the singer, who will be taken down to the station for processing.

It’s a place he knows well at this point.

TMZ, which broke the story earlier, says that some friends of Brown’s were hanging out him when a couple of uninvited guests rolled up.  

Curran got into an argument with Chris and was told to leave, allegedly at gunpoint. Bailey called the police, who went over to investigate.

After a few hours of being stonewalled, officers called SWAT for back-up and demanded to see if Brown had the gun Curran had described.

Chris refused to allow them in.

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The 27-year-old did dump a duffel bag full of weapons and drugs at the cops’ feet, however, taunting law enforcement officials as he did so.

"Come and get me," the deeply disturbed star screamed, aware that they had a warrant and seemingly unaware of the consequences.

For her part, Bailey Curran says she’s hung out Chris Brown in the past and that he had been perfectly nice to her, but not this time.

Curran says she and a friend went over to his crib, chilled outside in the hot tub and went back inside, which is when all hell broke loose.

After seeing a member of Chris’ crew show off a piece of jewelry, Curran went to get a closer look, only to have the dude totally freak.

Chris then flipped the f–k out as well.

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Screaming at Baylee to “get the f–k out” of his house, Brown then allegedly pulled out a piece and pointed it in her direction.

Curran tried to do just that, but says Brown’s friends tried to take her phone and make her sign a non-disclosure agreement.

She refused, and left with her friend, unharmed; Brown, she believes, was likely under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Naturally, Chris denied he did anything and posted a profane rant against the police, who can "suck a fart out of my ass."

For all he cares. Yes, that is a direct quote.

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There you have it, people. At least for now.

We caution that this story is still developing, details are still unclear and yes, Team Breezy, he is innocent until proven guilty. 

We know. He is entitled to and will receive due process and the best legal defense money can buy. But this much is clear:

He is a very, very troubled individual.