Katy Perry Shades Taylor Swift With Help From Kanye West

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Celebrity beefs don't get much better than the ongoing feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

Sure, we've seen more vicious and more violent feuds over the years, but the Cold War quality of this one is part of what makes it so entertaining.

Over the past year we've seen Katy and Taylor master the art of subtle shade.

Katy Perry Taylor Swift Grammy Awards Icons Salute 2010

Sure Taylor wrote an entire freakin' song about Katy, but for the most part the hostilities have remained low key, yet unmistakable to the trained eye.

Whether they're firing low key shots in interviews or posting passive aggressive memes, the whole thing has been a joy to watch.

These women have taken pettiness to a new level and we applaud them for it.

Taylor has been keeping a relatively low profile ever since the Taylor Swift Hell Week over the summer that had many of Katy's millions of Twitter followers reveling in what they believed to be the singer's downfall.

Swift at the iHeartRadio Music Awards

But Katy understands that the great generals of history didn't relent simply because their opponent was on the run.

Through it all she's waged a much more subtle form of combat than Taylor, but she surprised fans by launching a full-blown smart bomb of shade on Twitter last night.

As you can see, Katy attended Kanye West's concert in Los Angeles, and she recorded herself rocking out to a song that has special meaning to her nemesis:

Yes, as you may recall Kanye West's "Famous" is a bit of a sore subject for Ms. Swift.

It could be the part where he takes credit for the singer's career, or the line in which he says she owes him sex.

Either way the message from Katy is clear.

She's obviously loving that Taylor is on the outs with both Kanye and Kim Kardashian, aka two of the most famous people on the planet.

This feud used to be something of a split decision, but these days most seem to agree that Katy is winning the war against Taylor.

The beef was likely one of the big reasons that Swift earned the title of "most hated celebrity" in one recent poll.

We can help but think that one must've really stung.

Obviously, Taylor is young, and she has plenty of time to recover.

But it'll be a steep climb back to the top for America's former sweetheart.

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