Taylor Swift: #1 Most Hated Celebrity, According to Recent Poll!

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To say it's been a rough few weeks for Taylor Swift's public image would be putting it mildly.

Taylor Swift: Backshot at the 2016 Costume Institute Gala

The fact that the singer recently endured what's been described as "Taylor Swift's hell week" is a good indication of just how bad things have gotten.

The fact that the "Taylor Swift Is Over Party" was recently trending on Twitter is another one.

But she can recover from all this, right?

After all, this is the woman who gave the world such infectious hits as "Shake It Off."

Unfortunately, she also gave us "Bad Blood" and about a dozen other roman a clef take downs of her fellow celebs.

Yes, Taylor's most faithful Swifties will never abandon her, and she'll likely shatter more sales records with her next album.

But in the wake of seriously ugly feuds with Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Calvin Harris, it seems unlikely that Swift will ever recover the "endearingly awkward girl next door" image that her team worked so hard to create.

There have even been reports of Taylor's famous "Squad" turning against her in the wake of some seriously diva-like behavior.

Now the nail in the coffin has come in the form of a Star magazine poll that named Taylor the number one most hated celebrity in the world.

Yes, Ms. Swift beat out the likes of Kim (#2), Katy (#12), Shia LaBeouf (#25), and even Bill Cosby (#13).

Obviously, Star's readership is being more than a little unfair here, and it's not like the tabloid has the greatest reputation to begin with.

Still, taking the top spot in their annual poll has gotta sting.

Gwyneth Paltrow was voted most hated in 2009, and she's still talking about it.

In fairness, she's pissed that she somehow beat out Chris Brown.

Can't blame her for that.

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