Katy Perry: Staff Forbidden to Listen to Taylor Swift's Music?!

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Okay, this is beginning to get out of hand. 

The feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift has been going on for longer than most international conflicts at this point, and according to one insider, Katy is now going to great (some would way insane) lengths to make sure her troops remain loyal.

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Obviously, Katy hasn't watched the "Out of the Woods" music video, and you won't see her rocking out to 1989 any time soon, but the North Korea-like ban on all things T-Swift has reportedly reached the point where Katy gets all Kim Jong Un-no-you-didn't if anyone even mentions her rival's name!

Yes, sources from inside Katy's camp say the ban on all things Taylor is so complete that her staff fears even allowing their kids to attend Swift's concerts or buy her merchandise. 

“[Taylor] is so completely blacklisted that no one on Katy’s side feels comfortable even listening to her music or saying her name,” says one insider.  

While we're sure some parents have now heard "Blank Space" more times than the sound of laughter in the past year would like to institute a similar ban, Katy's harsh new rules seem a little extreme, and we can't help but wonder - why now?

Could it have something to do with Perry getting back together with John Mayer for the 47,000th time?

It's a very real possibility. After all, Mayer has a reputation as quite the manipulator. He's even managed to convince America that he should still have a career!

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