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Katy Perry is known for wearing candy as clothing, dating John Mayer longer than any reasonable person should, and also for that one time that she kissed a girl and liked it.

Seriously, those are the things she’s known for. Tack on her endless list of catchy-as-hell hits, then throw in some cats and cleavage, and you’ve got Katy in a nutshell.

Katy Perry Democratic National Convention Photo
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But even though the mention of Katy’s name brings to mind images of cotton candy and boobs 99% of the time, it sounds like she’s looking to have a baby soon.

Yeah, the woman who brought us “California Gurls” just a few short years ago is planning on procreating ASAP.

What a wild and wonderful world …

In an interview that Katy gave last night at gala for the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, she really opened up about her aspirations of motherhood.

Katy Perry in Cannes
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“I see the amazing thing of birth and children and the vulnerability and we just have to take care of them and how, how big of an impression we have,” she said.

“We have such a responsibility!”

And then Katy dropped the bomb.

“Children to me are becoming a big focus.”

Are you listening, Orlando Bloom?

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Coachella 2016

“I don’t even have mine,” she continued, “but I see it in my sister’s kids and just how much nurturing and love they need …”

Yes, and? What’s the end of that thought, Katy?

“I see just how much nurturing and love they need” and you want to have all the babies to give them all the love?

“I see just how much nurturing and love they need” and you’re excited because you’ll be able to nurture and love the baby that’s already set up shop in your uterus?

We’re going to need an ending to that sentence, and we’re going to need it immediately.

But perhaps Katy’s sister’s children aren’t the only little people to thank for her raging baby fever.

She’s been dating Orlando Bloom since at least January, and it seems like things haven gotten serious between them pretty fast.

Back in August, a source close to the couple claimed that they were headed for an engagement, then soon after that, another source revealed that they were talking about having children together.

Orlando, of course, has a five-year-old son, Flynn, that he shares with ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

It stands to reason that since Katy has gotten so close to Orlando over these past months, she would have gotten close to Flynn, too.

And that his cute little face would inspire her to want to give him a little baby brother or sister …

Get it done, Katy. Just get. It. Done.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Coachella 2016