Katy Perry and John Mayer: Back Together For 2016!!!

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We're a few days into a new year, so a lot of the folks reading this are currently brimming with motivation and positivity, but sadly, most of you will eventually fall back into your old ways.

So why delay the inevitable? Why not make like Katy Perry? All you have to do is cut to the chase and kick off 2016 by repeating your worst mistake for the 4,000th time.

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Yes, Katy and John Mayer ended 2015 with a bang, literally, as they were spotted having dinner together in Los Angerles, and then heading back to Katy's place in separate vehicles.

The old taking two cars schtick didn't fool the paparazzi, however, and Us Weekly is now reporting that Katy and John are back together

We apologize for the confusing feeling of deja vu you're experiencing at the moment.

John and Katy have reconciled many, many times before, and no, we don't really have any idea if they're actually dating or just making bedroom fireworks and exploring one another's wonderland-like bodies.

The singers appeared to briefly be an item again last summer, but several sources reported that Mayer dumped Perry in July as part of a pattern that these two are seemingly doomed to repeat until the end of time. 

But hey, it's a new year, so maybe John and Katy are a new couple, right?

Sure. Hey, let us know when you drop that extra 20 pounds, quit Facebook, finish your novel and start volunteering, won't you?

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