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If Kurt Cobain were still alive and kicking, he’d be thrilled to see his daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, and former wife, Courtney Love, playing nice and looking gorgeous.

The two were spotted out together at Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity Event in Los Angeles over the weekend, and it’s really hard to say who looked hotter.

Frances Bean Cobain and Courtney Love Photo 2
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The two were photographed a few weeks ago at a fashion event in Paris, looking just as fierce.

It’s easy to see that whatever bizarre, disturbed fences were broken in the past are, at least for now, mended.

Frances is looking like the female version of her father, while Courtney’s looking … well, perhaps the best she ever has. 

Frances Bean Cobain and Courtney Love Photo 2
(Getty Images)

While Frances was previously accused of some nasty, hoarder-type habits, they don’t seem to be overflowing into her appearance. 

According to a source, FBC is a compulsive shopper and thusly, her house was close to uninhabitable. 

“The weird truth is that Frances Cobain’s house is virtually unlivable because of [her] hoarding,” the mole revealed. 

“Frances spends her days doing lots and lots of online shopping.” 

“Virtually every room is filled with boxes of stuff Frances has ordered from online retailers and never even bothered to open,” the source continued.

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Hey, you know, some people are addicted to heroin and pills and alcohol … ol’ Frances Bean Cobain is fairly okay if this is the worst of her troubles. 

She’s even looking much healthier – and not nearly as emaciated – than she had in previous years. 

FBC hit a red carpet event with her mother in April 2015 where she looked thin, wan, and tired. 

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What a stunning improvement compared to today’s photos, right? 

And speaking of stunning improvements, check out mama.  

Love isn’t a stranger to plastic surgery.

She previously had a boob job in the past, and with all of the drugs that she likely put up her nose, there had to be some facial reconstruction done there.

Despite whatever she might’ve done, though, things are working for her lately. 

And hey – we can start counting our blessings in 3, 2, 1 … because Courtney apparently stopped with the onslaught of Facebook nudes

For now. 

Small steps, y’all. That’s all we can hope for with this one.