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Jenelle Evans is one of the most controversial women in the public eye at the moment. 

She always seems to be getting hate for something, but does she bring it all on herself?

It sure seems that way. 

Jenelle Evans: Baby Bumpin!

The latest drama from Jenelle is a picture that shows her waist training

However, the picture is not even new. It’s actually pretty old. 

Fans were quick to make comments about waist training while being pregnant, but was not pregnant when the picture was taken. 

What the heck would compel her to put the picture up now after all of this time?

It seems the whole reasoning behind the picture was to promote a website that sells items to help waist training. 

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In the original Instagram post, Jenelle captioned, "My waist was so tiny waist training with @Littletinywaist cincher. I wore mine 4-6hrs daily under any clothing."

"You couldn’t see it under clothing. Ladies if you want a smaller waist I recommend it! & it’s very comfortable. Can’t wait to Snap back ! Get yours today at Use code 20off for 20% off #Thankmelater #Waisttraining"

The post was not met with the most positive response from people on Instagram. 

As is always the case with Jenelle, her actions are polarizing. Some people can’t stand to acknowledge that she actually exists, while some worship the earth she walks on. 

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Jenelle recently took her kid to the beach during Hurricane Matthew. If that’s not a sign of stupidity, then what is?

There were weather warnings pretty much everywhere you looked, so Jenelle probably went to the beach with the intention of causing controversy. 

That’s sort of what she does when she isn’t promoting products on social media, or filming for Teen Mom 2

Jenelle has been very vocal that she does not like the way she is portrayed on the MTV hit, but actions like these make us think that the producers are not the only ones to blame in all of this. 

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It’s time for Jenelle to grow up and make sure she’s doing the right thing for her family. 

There’s only so many times that people are going to rise to the occasion and criticize her for her crazy antics. 

What do you think of the latest drama?

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