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Jenelle Evans, her baby bump and her fiance David Eason made a grand entrance to last night’s MTV Video Music Awards in New York.

There, the Teen Mom 2 star hoped to show off how radiant she looks – and perhaps quiet some of the controversy surrounding her pregnancy.

At issue?

Well, the fact that Jenelle is expecting her third child, by the third different father, none of whom she has been married to, before age 25.

Interestingly, she was married to Courtland Rogers when she became pregnant with his child, but Evans had an abortion that time around.

It was also revealed by the reality star that Jenelle had a miscarriage with Eason before conceiving this baby – a girl – earlier this year.

That’s five pregnancies that we know of, and while no one is judging her for that, some critics have questioned her priorities as a result.

Jenelle’s own sister Ashleigh Evans has torn her a new one for caring more about hooking up with men than taking care of son Jace.

A lot of fans have said this long before she and David (who also has a daughter from a previous relationship) announced the new pregnancy.

In any case, all we can do is look forward, right? She looked terrific on the red carpet – not just superficially, but personally. She’s happy. 

Will that translate into a stable, reformed Jenelle who thrives as a mother and whose children reap the rewards in the years to come?

We can hope. We can only hope.