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Farrah Abraham continues to spout off utter nonsense regarding her sex tape and James Deen’s role in it, insisting that HE IS USING HER for publicity.

The MTV star has been livid with Deen since he refused to play along with her scheme and revealed that the “sex tape” was just a Farrah Abraham porn.

According to Deen, he was contracted to shoot the film and then asked to pretend he’s dating the Teen Mom alum, at which point the tape would “leak.”

He refused to cooperate, but he did co-star in the porno – which Farrah now claims she made only for her personal use, just like a wedding video.

Nice keepsake.

As for why she’d hire James Deen of all people to be in this? Because he’s the best … or so she thought. Farrah has some choice words about this now.


Abraham told a TMZ reporter this weekend that:

  • James Deen, she says, is “a bad person,” plan and simple.
  • He’s a guy who “uses other people to get into the public eye.”
  • All she wants is for “my privacy to return to being private.”
  • “He should get out of the porn industry because things have gotten to his head … he does not respect women, and his penis is small.”

Even more absurd than the penis comment – he’s the “it boy” for porn right now – is the fact that THG sources confirm that Deen is telling the truth.

Nothing like throwing a guy under the bus just because he won’t corroborate the lies you tried to concoct to make millions off a staged sex tape.

One wonders how Abraham sleeps at night.

Not because of the sex-on-video thing (though as a mom you could question that too), but the way self-righteously lies, schemes and treats people terribly.

Deen, whatever you think of his career, was honest.

And most ridiculous of all? Her mom was standing there the whole time! And went off on Deen herself! Watch the interview they gave to TMZ below …

Farrah Abraham on James Deen