Jessa Duggar Shows Off Her Baby Bump!

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As you surely know by now, Jessa Duggar is expecting her second child with her husband, Ben Seewald.

(And if you didn't know, just go ahead and assume that at any given time, one of the Duggars is expecting. You'll probably be right.)

Jessa's about five months pregnant right now, and you can see the first hint of her baby bump in this adorable new photo with her sisters, Joy-Anna, Jill, Jana, and Jinger.

Jessa Duggar Baby Bump Picture

If you're thinking that everything is moving so fast for Jessa and her uterus, that's a fair point: Jessa's first child, little Spurgeon, will celebrate his first birthday next month.

That means Jessa and Ben only waited about six months after he was born to start procreating again.

Yikes, ouch, etc.

While doctors typically suggest waiting for a longer period of time in between pregnancies, Jessa's obviously not too concerned about any health risks.

This is, after all, the girl that was all "Zika virus be damned!"

Jessa Duggar Screen Grab

The Zika virus is equal parts terrifying and mysterious, and Jessa was exposed to it when she visited Jill Duggar and her family in El Salvador, just a few months before she conceived.

Women who've visited such areas have been advised to hold off on getting pregnant until more is known about the virus, but Jessa didn't heed that advice, either.

Oh, and speaking of Zika, Jill, having lived in El Salvador for several months, is clearly much more at risk than Jessa is.

And there have been rumors upon rumors that Jill may be expecting her second child as well.

Derick, Jill & Israel Dillard Facebook Photo

Check out the photo of Jessa's baby bump one more time. See Jill in the middle there?

The photo was posted on the Duggar family's Instagram page, and there's a lot of speculation about the way Jill is posing.

"Looks to me like Jill is trying to hide her bump," one person noted.

Another speculated that "Jill is pulling Joy pretty tight in what looks like an effort to cover her belly. But if she is pregnant why not announce it? Too early maybe but then again she has a bump so she must be I would think at least 3 months."

So is Jill pregnant, too? Is she using her sister to hide her bump, possibly out of fear of criticism?

Jill in El Salvador

After all, you know she'd get a boatload of it. Getting pregnant in such an obviously high-risk situation would be incredibly stupid.

It's hard to say what exactly is going on with Jill here. But we do know what the deal is with Jessa, and the deal is that she's got that beautiful glow about her.

And hopefully that glow is 100% Zika-free.


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