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Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend, David Eason, was arrested today.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, or even if you’re only vaguely aware of the details of Jenelle’s life, then you know brushes with the law aren’t exactly rare in the life of Ms. Evans. This time, however, it seems her man simply got a raw deal.

Jenelle Evans, David Eason Photo

According to Radar Online, Eason was taken into custody this afternoon after he saw his son at a local grocery store and gave the boy a hug.

Yes, the man was literally arrested for hugging his son.

It seems Eason’s ex was granted an order of protection against the 27-year-old following an incident of alleged domestic violence last year.

Apparently the boy was shopping with his grandmother, who got angry when she saw Eason give his son a hug.

“David got arrested today because he has a no contact order on him,” a source explains. “And he was in the grocery store getting juice for Kaiser when he saw his son and gave him a hug.

“His ex’s mom was with his son, not his ex, and her mom got mad and told his ex. His ex contacted the police…Since he was around his son, he ‘violated’ the no contact order.”

Eason was held for several hours and eventually freed on $2,500 bail.

Eason has been arrested several times, and the details of his restraining order are not known, but for obvious reasons, most fans are taking the stance that his ex’s mother seriously overreacted by calling the police.