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Hey, you know how Amber Portwood is still insisting on dating that gross, awful Matt Baier, even though he is clearly the worst and everybody knows it?

Yeah, we’re going to be getting into that nonsense today. So buck up, buttercup, and try to keep your lunch down.

The issue we’re having with Amber and Matt today is, oddly enough, mostly because of Amber. Check out this new Teen Mom OG clip to see the madness.

Amber Portwood Fights with Matt Baier

It looks like Matt is taking Amber, Leah, and Amber’s mom on a nice little Mother’s Day boat ride — that’s weirdly nice of Matt, right?

But Amber is simply not having it.

She complains at every turn, criticizing Matt for his boat driving skills, for his apparent inability to follow directions, and for literally everything else.

Matt Baier and Amber Picture

She throws her head back in frustration as even little Leah tells her she needs to calm down.

Hilariously enough, at one point Amber cries out "I just want to have fun!" when it’s beyond clear that she’s the one causing all the issues.

And all the while, Matt keeps calling her "honey," which is honestly a much nicer name than we’d call her. It feels strange to say something vaguely positive about Matt Baier, but, well, here we are.

(He still gives off a decidedly sketchy vibe though, so don’t worry, not everything in this world has changed.)

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier on the Red Carpet

Amber and Matt have been the subject of some breakup rumors lately, and we’ve never wished harder for a rumor to be true.

They’re just so outstandingly bad together, aren’t they? If Amber’s not throwing senseless fits like this one, then Matt is lying about how many kids he has or hitting on Farrah Abraham.

That’s right: we can never, ever forget that Matt once made a lame attempt at flirting with Farrah Abraham, tweeting the creepy message of "Farrah forget online dating, I’d be honored to take u out."

Farrah Abraham: Kim Kardashian?

And of course he also tried to throw some lines at Jenelle Evans, telling her "I am a huge fan and think u r stunningly beautiful," which he followed up with "How about a follow? U will make a crappy Saturday good #please."

But still, Amber seems to be standing by her man.

In a recent interview, Amber was asked about Matt’s tweets to her fellow Teen Moms, and she said that she didn’t care because "There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that this man loves me." Because that’s terribly relevant.

Amber on the Phone

In that interview, she also said that "we’re very happy. I think people need to open up their minds and accept that people can change. He’s a really great guy who does nothing but take care of me."

Oh, Amber.

Maybe he does show a side to her that he doesn’t show the rest of the world. If so, that’s great, but it doesn’t negate all the weird, gross facts we’ve learned about this guy since he got with her.

Matt Baier: I'm Not A Deadbeat Dad! I Just Wasn't Around!

Sure, people can change, but that’s not always enough.

If that new, supremely uncomfortable clip is anything to go by, Matt and Amber both could do with some changing — preferably in a way that sends them in separate directions.