Duggar Kids: QUITTING Reality TV?!

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Considering how horrific the Josh Duggar sex scandals were, it's pretty surprising that it was so easy for the Duggar kids to land their own 19 Kids and Counting spin-off.

Sure, they had to promise that Josh Duggar would never appear on it, but they were never forced to issue a public apology, and many of their fans proved surprisingly quick to forgive and forget.

Yet not all is well in Duggar Nation, apparently ...

Duggar Sisters: Counting On

The family was never able to re-capture the semi-mainstream appeal that it enjoyed with 19 Kids, and Counting On continues to struggle in the ratings.

Even worse (at least for the network execs who will soon decide if the show deserved to be brought back for a third season) the Duggars are scaring off advertisers left and right.

In fact, several major corporations have not only pulled their spots from Counting On, but announced that they will no longer advertise on TLC at all.

In short, the future's not looking bright for a show that probably never should've existed at all.

Duggars: Quitting TLC?!

Perhaps that's why the Duggar kids are rumored to be seeking out a graceful way to make an exit from the series that was supposed to rebuild their reputations.

At least that's our best guess at why (according to Life & Style) the kids would be interested in abandoning the only source of income most of them have ever known.

Thus far, the cover above is all we have to go on, as the tabloid is (perhaps wisely) saving the good stuff for its print edition.

But short of TLC offering the Duggars the chance to make it looks as though they're walking away of their own accord, why would the kids leave?

Duggar Family Reunion Pic

Between Jessa, Jill and Jinger, the adult Duggar girls have two kids, one on the way and a couple more that can't be far off.

Why would they walk now, and voluntarily, with families or future families to support? Well, there is one explanation we can think of:

Yet another scandal has befallen the family.

Of course, given how poorly they've covered up their recent indiscretions, and how brazenly they've attempted to resurrect their careers?

We doubt there's any controversy that could send this family running from the airwaves - or one that we wouldn't have heard of by now.

Sure they managed to conceal Josh's sex crimes for over a decade, but think about how long ago that was, and the anonymity they had.

It's unlikely they would've been able to sweep it under the rug if they were under the type of public scrutiny they receive these days.

No, if this rumor is a true (a big if, to be sure), our best guess is that the Duggars bailed before they were given the forcible heave-ho.

Just don't be surprised if TLC forgets about all of this and gives them another hilariously-titled spinoff show in two months.

They seem to have pretty short memories over there. 

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