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Last time we checked in on Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran, she was gushing about her new boyfriend all over social media, and he still seemed to not mind that his girlfriend goes to conventions to sell plastic molds of her anus.

According to Farrah, Simon is cool with dating a porn star, which was no doubt a major hurdle in her past relationships. 

Just as importantly, he’s reportedly good with her 6-year-old daughter Sophia, and he hasn’t been driven away by the media circus surrounding the newest season of Teen Mom.

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It would seem all is well Farrah and Simon’s world, but a new report from Radar Online reveals that Saran may be hiding a dark past.

In 2012, Saran’s ex-girlfriend Josie Liesz received a restraining order against him.

Court documents from her case reveal that she accused Saran of everything from verbal abuse and trashing her house to stealing her truck and taking $4,000 from her PayPal account.

“Simon came over to my table and very violently flipped the table over,” she recalled. “Simon then began screaming things at me and my friends and scaring us. Simon was yelling things to my friends like ‘I f***ed that b*tch every night’

Liesz’s complaint includes a number of startling allegations against Saran such as an occasion in which he shouted offensive slurs at a male friend of hers and threatened the man’s life.

All of this happened a few years ago, and it’s entirely possible that Saran has managed to turn his life around, but considering the amount of drama Farrah has already experienced in her life, we hope for her sake that she’s checked this guy’s references.

Watch Teen Mom online to relive Farrah’s long history of questionable decisions.