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After an unconventional episode of head-to-head battles and couples earning immunity, another pair has left Dancing with the Stars.

Who was shown the door and who lived to fight another day?

It came down to Amber Rose and Rick Perry on Tuesday night, a pair of celebrities as opposite from each other as humanly possible.

Amber Rose or Rick Perry?

And, the day after Donald Trump was dealt a blow in his march to the White House via a universally-panned debate, perhaps it was only appropriate that another Republican also suffered a setback on yesterday's results show.

Rick Perry has been eliminated.

This can't come as a huge shock (we had Perry as the last likely contestant to win in our preseason odds; see below), but at least Perry took the news very well.

"My daughter's getting married the 15th of October, but I can promise you I will look good on the dance floor for her," said the former Texas Governor.

He added:

"And I'm dong it for all the veterans out there and I hope everybody will find a great veteran's cause to go help these guys.

"We've got one called Advance the Colors that I hope everyone will go take a look at. Thank you guys!"

Very well said.

Perry had been teamed with Emma Slater and have her a lot of credit after the show.

"I probably lasted a week longer than I thought I would - if you want to know the truth of the matter - knowing what little I knew of dancing," Perry told Entertainment Tonight.

"I just had a really good instructor."

Rick Perry Speaks

So we'll be seeing more of Rose next week, but we actually will NOT be seeing Len Goodman.

On Tuesday night's results episode, host Tom Bergeron explained to viewers that Goodman will miss a few weeks of the ABC reality competition to fulfill his commitments as lead judge on Britain's Strictly Come Dancing.

What the heck, right?!?

Goodman did assure fans that he'll be tuning in to Dancing with the Stars and speaking with producers and will remain attuned to everything going on with the program.

"It's difficult to fly every week there and back," Goodman said.

"I'm going to miss it because I've enjoyed so much watching the progression. But I'm going to be well-informed of what's going on. Make sure that – it's a ballroom dancing competition, it's not all about razzle dazzle.

"Show us some proper ballroom dancing."

Sure, maybe. Why not?

But please do not forget about the razzle dazzle, contestants.

This is a TV show, after all.

"The amazing Len Goodman who will come back in a few weeks," Bergeron said of the longtime judge after the dancing troupe performed a number in his honor.

(Sheesh! The guy isn't dead.)

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

Did viewers make the right call here? Did Perry deserve to go home? Will Rose survive another elimination?

Were these the proper two contestants to be in the bottom pair? 

Is Dancing with the Stars actually rigged?!?

And are you looking forward to next Monday's two-hour performance show after this week's was cut short by that silly Presidential debate?

Priorities, ABC. Priorities.

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