Taylor Swift Facing Squad Problems as Friends Tire of Diva Antics: Report

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At this point Taylor Swift's loyal "squad" of famous gal pals is as much a part of her public image as her turbulent love life used to be.

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It may seem that few things could be less controversial than a group of successful young women who like to party together and support one another, but the media has taken a special interest in Swift's clique.

There have been rumors that Taylor's squad must abide by a strict set of rules.

Like lapsed Scientologists, former squad affiliates have gone to the press, claiming that Taylor only accepts the rich and beautiful into her elite group of friends.

Now, there are reports that a full-blown Tay mutiny is going down, as the ladies of the squad have grown sick of Taylor's diva antics. 

It seems the latest round of problems began when Taylor gave an interview to Vogue during a friend's wedding - a wedding at which she happened to be the maid of honor.

For obvious reasons, her decision didn't sit well with several squad members.

“Even her best friends’ have started making fun of [Taylor] behind her back because they’re sick of her controlling ways,” a source close to the situation tells OK! magazine.

One insider says Swift has embraced her inner Regina George and has started putting the other girls down as part of her “self-obsessed queen bee" routine.

This is far from the first time that Taylor has faced squad trouble, but the insider says her famous friends have finally had enough.

We're curious to see what Taylor would do socially if her squad unravels.

She could just, ya know - try not making a big deal out of her personal life for once, but that seems unlikely.

We're guessing the news of a Calvin Harris proposal will be dropping any day now.

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