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Last time we checked in on everyone’s favorite SUR girl/aspiring pop star, it was because Scheana Marie Shay got caught photoshopping a bikini photo that she had posted on Instagram.

The response to that pic were funny. The comments on her latest selfie … not so much.

Scheana Marie Shay: Skinny on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Scheana posted the above photo earlier this week as part of an obvious promotion deal with HydroxyCut.

She captioned the photo:

"Getting some stretching in before my workout today! Want to take your workouts to the max? Grab some of this stuff…@hydroxycut #SP snapchat: scheanamarie addressing you haterzzzzzz"

But some hater-ish "fans" seem to think that the diet supplement has worked too well for Scheana.

Some of the uglier comments on the above pic include:

"You need all you can eat and repeat."

“Holy sh-t ur teeeeeeny! Dont lose anymore or u will literally disappear! U must be a size 0!”

“Sorry!! Not a hater at all but you looked stunning and voluptuous before!! Thought you were beautiful!! Way too skinny now!”

“I don’t think you need to take that, your already sick skinny.”

Scheana Marie Image
Photo via La Niece/

Yes, Internet trolls be trollin’, as always, but we’d like to take this opportunity to remind of a cardinal rule of human behavior:

Just don’t comment on anyone’s weight ever, for any reason.

Not online, not in real life, not quietly behind people’s backs after they leave a room.

We’re not saying you can’t make fun of public figures, just don’t speculate about their health in idiotic fashion in public forums.

Look, if you feel the burning need to make fun of Scheana Marie, we recommend you start with her music career.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online for plenty more material.