Christina "Peach" Pietrobon to Kailyn Lowry: You Totes Cheated on Javi Marroquin!

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Kailyn Lowry's divorce from Javi Marroquin continues to get uglier by the day as the ex-couple's warring over social media continues.

This time with a third party involved in the shade-throwing.

Christina “Peach” Pietrobon

Javi's been running his mouth left and right, passive-aggressively telling anybody and everybody how Kailyn is to blame for the split.

The Teen Mom 2 star recently gave an interview in which Javi says Kailyn knows what she did, strongly implying that she's a cheater.

Now Marroquin's relationship with mutual friend Christina “Peach” Pietrobon (above) is once again being called into question - by Lowry.

To recap: Javi and Kailyn are divorcing after separating while he was overseas with the U.S. Air Force. He moved out as soon as he returned.

The status of their relationship these days is tense, at best.

Kailyn and Javi Arguing

"Unless it has to do with the boys, we don’t talk. I have nothing to say to her,” he said of his soon-to-be ex-wife. "We co-parent, that's it."

But he has plenty to say about her if you get him going at all.

"I don’t wanna put too much out there, but she knows what she did. It’ll come out," he told Us. "What’s done in the night will show in the light."

"It’ll all unravel. I just gotta keep my mouth shut and watch."

He didn't go further than that in terms of naming names or specific things she did, but he did say she's a different person these days:

"To be honest, [Kailyn]’s changed a lot. I left for six months and a lot has changed, so sometimes I don’t even know if I know who she is."

"She’s living a different life than I thought we were going to.”

Javi and Kailyn Lowry

Javi also claimed that Kailyn filed for divorce last December, but they worked it out ... only she never actually nixed the divorce filing. 

He said that he figured it out while overseas, along with a lot of other things Kailyn allegedly been doing. Marroquin says he has proof.

Enter Peach, the couple's longtime friend.

Javi raised more than a few eyebrows - and rumors of cheating with Kailyn's best friend - after he returned from deployment this summer.

“Missing @Javimarroquin9,” Peach wrote, as Marroquin responded, in tweets he had to know were flirty and would get under Kailyn's skin:

“So soon! So freaking soon!”

Kailyn and Peach

Soon after Kailyn announced their divorce, Peach tweeted:

“Really disappointed in you. You’ll blame someone for not being there yet you won’t even give them the chance to choose to be there."

"You decided for them when you neglected to tell them all the information to make their own decision,” she wrote in a scathing indictment.

Fast forward to this week, when someone asked Javi why he and Peach - who are clearly close - don't get together now that he's single.

He replied by saying that she's just a friend, and therefore it would be weird ... but Kailyn stepped in to say "they did date in high school.”

Javi shut that down, as the latest war of words escalated:

Javi 1 Tweet

Peach agreed, then turned things around on Lowry, hard.

She seemed to allude, as Javi has, that Kailyn was the one behind their marriage unraveling, telling a fan there is more to this.

Specifically, that the fan isn't ready for the "real" explanation:

Javi 2 Tweets

At that point, Kailyn clearly got nervous and tried to nix this.

The mother of two hilariously chastised Peach to put a lid on it and that social media is "not the place" to air this dirty laundry.

Pot ... have you met kettle? You two should get together!

The queen of passive-aggressive tweets and terrible communication skills giving lectures on social media tact is just hilarious:

Javi 3 Tweets

Bottom line: In all likelihood, this is going to get worse before it gets better, and we'll have a front row seat online if nothing else. 

We really hope the MTV cameras are rolling for at least some of it, because we're looking at ratings gold if ever there were any.

Sure, it's challenging to film a Twitter beef for TV, we realize.

But even so, few things would make us want to watch Teen Mom 2 online more than watching their reactions to this on camera.

As for Javi's new girlfriend, he says she's just a friend too.

Guy either has a lot of female friends that he enjoys flirting with openly, or really enjoys needling the mother of his child ... or both.

Who says they have to be mutually exclusive?

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