Javi Marroquin: Identity of New Girlfriend REVEALED!

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Last week, we learned that Teen Mom 2's Javi Marroquin is dating someone new just a few months after separating from Kailyn Lowry.

Javi Marroquin Selfie

Sure, Javi and Kailyn may have called it quits back in December, but Javi was overseas with the US Air Force at the time.

The couple is just now getting on with the ugly business of ending their marriage officially, in other words. And ugly it is.

Yesterday, we learned that Kailyn "doesn't care" that Javi is dating again so quickly, but her fans certainly do.

According to celebrity news site Radar Online, Javi is currently on vacation with his son, Lincoln, in Myrtle Beach.

Apparently, some of Javi's Air Force buddies live in the area, so while it's father-and-son time during the day, it's turn up time at night.

And based on some of the pics that Javi's been posting online, it seems that one of his Air Force colleagues is more than just a friend:

Javi Marroquin, Nancy Gisell Photo

That's Javi with a young woman named Nancy Gisell.

As you can see, the two of them got pretty friendly during a recent party night in Myrtle.

If you're not convinced by the pic above, check this one out:

Javi Marroquin & Nancy Gisell Photo

Remarkably, however, Javi says there's nothing going on between him and Nancy.

"I need to put my phone away when I drink," Marroquin said in a recent phone interview with Radar. "But no, no she's not my girl."

Interestingly, he has confirmed to the site that he's dating someone:

"I actually went on a date this past weekend," Javi said on August 12.

"But right now we are just friends taking it slow. We both have a lot going on."

So Javi is in a relationship, but it's not with the girl in the pic?

We wonder how the new lady in Javi's feels about these photos ...

As for his soon-to-be ex-wife, if you scroll back through her tweets, you get a very different view from the Kailyn who supposedly "doesn't care."

In a series of seemingly passive-aggressive (or just irate) tweets and retweets, Lowry hinted at some trouble with a man in her life.

Naturally, the first suspect in the minds of many of her followers during this rant last week is her ex and her second son's father.

Kailyn kicked things off by tweeting, "F-ckboy magnet."

She followed that up with this curious retweet:

"They always cheat with unattractive females."

The Teen Mom 2 star added, "Thissssss."

Oooh. Many fans, no doubt just as she intended, took it as Lowry's way of confirming that Marroquin cheated on her overseas.

Did he, though? Does it matter at this point?

The fact that she tweets this stuff at all, knowing full well what kind of controversy it stirs up, and clearly loves the attention says it all.

She also issued a tweet calling this "The calm before the storm," so we're either on the verge of a bombshell, or she just loves teasing us.

Probably the latter ... while there's certainly plenty of real drama to go around, Kailyn also feeds into it and exaggerates for the sake of it.

Whatever went on between them, they may want to consider dialing this kind of thing back for the sake of her kids ... just saying.

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