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If you follow Ariel Winter on Instagram, you know that the 18-year-old Modern Family star is fond of showing off her curves.

So naturally, when word started going around that Winter is completely topless in her latest IG snap, fans of the actress and pervs from all corners of the Internet flocked to her page.

Ariel Winter Topless Image

Unfortunately, the only curve visible in Ariel's latest pose is her shoulder.

Yes, despite the fact that she's technically topless, this is actually one or Ariel's least revealing pics in recent weeks.

Interestingly, the comments section has devolved into a debate over the best way to handle the threat presented by ISIS, which is pretty much the Internet in a nutshell.

It's all nudity and political hot takes out there.

For the first time in a long time, however, the latest news about Ariel does not have to do with her giant breasts.

Last week, a rumor that Winter had been fired from Modern Family began to make it's way across the Internet.

Despite the fact that the reports originated in Star magazine, which may have accidentally published accurate information once or twice, the word spread like wildfire.

To be clear: Ms. Winter has not been fired from the long-running sitcom that made her famous, but it looks like she will be playing a smaller role on the series going forward.

Ariel is attending UCLA in the fall, and being a full-time student and shooting 22 episodes of a television series don't really go hand-in-hand.

Hopefully, she'll still find time to bait us with nudity loopholes.


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