Ariel Winter: Topless and Makeup-Free on Instagram!

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Ariel Winter loves Instagram and with 2 million followers, it seems the feeling is definitely mutual.

It's certainly not hard to see why the Modern Family actress is so popular on social media. Ariel has huge boobs and an aversion to clothing, which is always a winning combination online. 

Ariel Winter: Topless on a Boat

So naturally, when word spread that Ariel was topless in her latest Instagram pic, we figured we were in store for something much more revealing than the photo above. 

After all, this is the girl who posts photos of herself naked in a bathtub to celebrate the fact that it's Tuesday.

We kid, of course.

Ms. Winter's pics are always risque in a tasteful way, and even if all she's baring here is a little shoulder, the photo is noteworthy for what she's not wearing.

As you may have noticed (or not, if you were distracted by all that shoulder), Ariel is the latest celeb to hop on the no-makeup selfie bandwagon.

She posted the pic last night, with a caption reading, "#tbt to last weekend on the #lake :) #nomakeup"

The girl combined a no-makeup selfie with a throwback Thrusday with an "I'm on a boat, motherf--ker!" pic.

That's social media A-game, right there.

This may be Ariel's way of proving that she can rack up tens of thousands of likes without her famous boobs.

Which is all well and good, but hopefully this won't be a lasting trend.

You've made your point Ariel.

Feel free to get back to posting cleavage selfies anytime now.

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