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At some point in the past year, Sofia Vergara’s boobs got dethroned as the most famous on Modern Family.

The title now belongs to Ariel Winter’s giant breasts and the 18-year-old Instagram favorite is having fun with the insane amount of attention she’s been receiving in recent months.

Ariel Winter: Photoshopped Boobs

That’s a pic that the actress posted to Instagram yesterday.

Now obviously, Ariel’s boobs are huge, but they’re not that freakin’ huge.

Someone photoshopped this pic to give her Jessica Rabbit-like dimensions, and Ms. Winter got such a kick out of it she reposted.

"I don’t know who made this of me but….yaaaassss," Ariel captioned the pic.

It’s basically a surrealist take on one of her usual selfies.

It’s like if she put on a bikini and asked Salvador Dali to snap a pic.

Anyway, even though Ariel is attending UCLA full time in the fall, her star seems to be on the rise.

She’ll continue to appear on MF in a limited role, and she recently finished filming a movie with Burt Reynolds in Tennessee.

But it’s on Instagram where Winter really shines.

She’s close to 2 million followers, which means she’s in "shill waist training products and weight loss teas and never do any real work for the rest of your life territory."

Despite that, Ariel continues to hone her craft – and amuse us with ridiculous photos like the one above.’

And for that, we thank her.