Adam Lind: Chelsea Houska's Dad is a Douche Canoe (and Trolling Me on Instagram)!

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Teen Mom 2 renegade and South Dakota derelict Adam Lind is mad as hell after an Instagram hater page posted his address online.

You won't believe who he believes is behind this, either ...

Adam Lind, Chelsea Houska, Randy Houska

Amid talk of Lind getting fired from Teen Mom 2 over repeated behavior problems comes yet another unflattering, scandalous report.

The father of two wants fans to report the anti-Adam Lind page that repeatedly posts negative comments (and information) about him.

Not only that, he believes Chelsea Houska's father and his most ardent critic, Dr. Randy Houska, is the man responsible for the page.

Adam ranted on Facebook after his address was posted:

"So there is this page on IG dedicated to f--king hating me and tearing me apart …. And I’m pretty g0d damn certain who it would be."

"I got it narrowed down to a few ppl … Any who …"

"These mother f--kers went sooooo far out of there way to find a police log of when a cop was called to my house for noise complaint."

"Sooo now every hating person who follows that page knows my exact g0d damn address…. Awesome just awesome!"

Asked by a fan why he cares, his fiance, Stasia Huber, jumped in, saying it's as simple as this: "Paislee, Aubree… safety."

Adam added, equally incredulous: "Whyyyy do I care?!"

"I have children who live with me on the weekend?!

"And now my address is known world wide … Got some crazy f**k that might come here and try something or burn my god damn house down."

"Let the vandalism begin…. … Got rid of that stupid big ass truck cuz I was sick of paying for new tires …. This is great just greatttttt."

Stasia Huber added: "Police are on their way, lawyers are being contacted, and instagram will be contacted via police and Lawyers."

"Child endangerment, harassment, knowingly enforcing possible harm," she continued, "plenty of things especially when children are involved."

Adam recoiled at the stated idea that the page in question posted his address out of concern for Aubree, his daughter with Chelsea Houska.

He then let it be known that her dad is behind all this.

So he says: "I still have a strong feeling is Randy."

"Chelseas dad … He’s always been a big fan of mine…takes so much time out of his busy day to update his own twitter and what not to talk about me."

While there's no evidence that Chelsea or anyone close to her is responsible for any Lind trolling, Adam isn't exactly well liked there.

Fans who watch Teen Mom 2 online know that Randy called Adam out after this summer's reunion show, and about 100 times before that.

Would he really use Instagram to provoke Lind, though?!

When an Adam Lind fan (which apparently do exist) commented that Randy Houska is a "douche canoe," Adam seconded that notion:

"Yes he is."

Okay then.

If there's anything we can tell you about family court judges, it's that they LOVE when you beef with your exes and their families online.

Keep it up, A:

"Shits that posted on that page literally leads right to him Rita Chelsea or Cole … They r the only ones with info I’ve seen posted on there."

Randy and Chelsea have yet to respond to this tirade. Either they're taking the high road or starting up new anti-Adam fan sites as we speak.

For what it's worth, the Instagram page that posted Adam Lind’s address is currently suspended after being reported numerous times.

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