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On Monday night, MTV aired Being Barbara, a "Teen Mom 2 special" focusing on Jenelle Evans’ famously ill-tempered mother.

Jenelle Evans at Farrah Abraham's 25th Birthday Celebration
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Fans were eager for the in-depth look at where Jenelle (aptly nicknamed "the Carolina Hurricane") may have learned her outspoken ways.

Not surprisingly, Evans was not happy with the way she was portrayed in the special and once again lashed out at Teen Mom 2 editors for depicting her in a negative light. 

Many fans were critical of Evans on social media, and it appears that even her co-star Kailyn Lowry was shocked by how badly Jenelle came off.

Some viewers, however, chose to focus on the behavior of Jenelle’s family, particularly her mother and her seldom-seen sister, Ashleigh:

"I don’t speak of or to her," Jenelle tweeted during the broadcast.

"I tried being nice to her and this is what she does. She rolls with majority."

In response to a fan who complained that Ashleigh had "nothing positive" to say about Jenelle despite her recent progress, Evans wrote:

"Reason why my sister doesn’t even have my phone number or address. She’s always been jealous of me."

The 24-year-old single mom also retweeted a fan who wrote:

"What’s up with Ashleigh? Talking shit about @PBandJenelley_1 but doesn’t have custody of Gabrielle?"

Not a whole lot is known about Jenelle’s two older siblings, Ashleigh and Colin, but they generally don’t participate in TM2 tapings and it’s long been rumored that they generally don’t get along with Jenelle.

Somewhat surprising given how much they have in common:

Colin and Ashleigh have both been arrested and (as one fan gleefully noted), Ashleigh lost custody of one of her daughters.

It’s somewhat ironic that when Jenelle lost custody of her eldest son, the boy went to Barbara – who doesn’t seem to have done the greatest job with her own kids.

Just kidding, Babs!