Ariel Winter Changes Hair Color, Remains Curvy

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There are two big reasons why Ariel Winter has 2 million Instagram followers.

Ariel Winter Cleavage Image

Obviously, we're talking about her hair and her photographic talents.

So the Modern Family actress took a big risk when she decided to ditch the vibrant red locks she's been sporting in recent weeks in favor of her natural hair color.

Ariel Winter Black Hair Photo

Ariel posted the photo above last night, along with a caption reading, "Back to black."

Winter recently wrapped filming on Dog Years, in which she co-stars with Burt Reynolds, and the ginger locks may have been for her role.

The pic has led many to the conclusion that Ariel is preparing to get back to work on the sitcom that made her famous.

She'll be attending UCLA in the fall, but plans to reprise her role as Alex Dunphy for an eighth season of MF.

The show is officially turning into one of those insanely long-running network behemoths that will litter the desolate wasteland of late night basic cable in syndication for centuries to come.

Archeologists of future millennia will study shards of clay pottery and reruns of Modern Family to piece together what life was like before the great ape uprising.

Anyway, back to Ariel's hair.

Her selfie has only been up for 18 hours and it's already racked up 133,000 likes.

Many are from Family fans who are excited the show is filming again.

And some of them are just enthusiastic about Ariel's giant boobs.

Never change, Internet pervs. Never change.

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