Ariel Winter Flaunts HUGE Boobs in Viral Twitter Pic

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Back in August, we learned that Ariel Winter underwent breast reduction surgery, taking her from a size 34F to a 32D. 

Winter has stated that the operation has made her more comfortable and more confident.

That confidence (along with a couple other things) is on full display in this photo that Ariel tweeted over the weekend:

Ariel Winter Boobs Photo

That's Ariel and her boyfriend attending a wedding. She posted the pic on social media and it was instantly liked and shared for thousands of times.

We think we know a couple reasons why it's so popular.

All joking aside, Ariel has been through a lot for someone so young, including being legally emancipated from her abusive mother.

As a result of her experiences, Ariel comes off as wise beyond her years when speaking with the press, and friends and co-stars have stated that they expect she'll be wildly successful in whatever career she chooses as an adult.

“I don’t always have to pick the tightest, most form-fitting dress I can find. I can pick something else and still feel good about myself. I couldn’t do that before,” Winter told Glamour in a recent interview.

“I’m excited to finally actually feel confident and not just appear confident.”

Sounds like Ariel is handling all the attention just fine. 

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