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Last week, the Internet took a keen interest in news that Ariel Winter had broken up with Laurent Claude Gaudette.

As you may know, Ms. Winter has developed quite the following on social media lately, in large part due to photos like this:

Ariel Winter: Bikini on a Boat

Ariel posted the pic above to celebrate reaching the milestone of 2 million Instagram followers.

"2 million!!! Wow! I can’t believe it…love you guys so much," Ariel captioned the pic.

We imagine the feeling is mutual.

We’ve seen Ariel’s butt in a bikini before, but this time it’s somewhat of a special occasion. 

You see, in addition to baring some flesh, Ariel subtly broke some big news on social media over the weekend.

Kim Kardashian: I'm Single!
Photo via Twitter

She tweeted the above GIF from Keeping Up with the Kardashians on Saturday, along with a caption reading:

"When you’re surprised that people just haven’t gotten it yet…"

Certainly sounds as though she’s confirming that she is indeed on the market.

Between announcing to the world that she’s unattached and routinely featuring more breasts and thighs than a Colonel Sanders fever dream on her social media pages, we’re guessing that Ariel will have no trouble reaching 3 million followers.

The girl understands social media.

Sure, she’s a second-tier cast member on a sitcom that’s well past it’s prime, but you can be damn sure that Ed O’Neill isn’t rocking 2 million followers.

(He’s also an actor on Modern Family, FYI.)

That’s because in 2016 fame isn’t determined by your work. 

Instead, it’s all about how you interact with fans.

And as Ariel has proven time and again, she’s willing to offer a lot more than Al Bundy ever could.

(Ed O’Neill also played Al Bundy, FYI.)