Adam Lind: MARRIED to Stasia Huber?

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Did South Dakota ne'er-do-well, derelict of society and the official "This F--king Guy" of MTV's Teen Mom 2 Adam Lind secretly get married?

Adam Lind and Stasia Huber Pic

We know what you're thinking at home:

Who the f--k would marry Adam Lind?

We're right there with you, but there's evidence he himself posted that this unthinkable scenario may have actually - secretly - come true.

Did he and Stasia Huber take the plunge?!

The reality star and FDA certified bad seed uploaded pics of himself over the weekend in which he wears a very conspicuous ring.

Oh yes, it was on that finger, people.

Lind shared a cute shot of his daughter Paislee (with ex Taylor Halbur) that was clearly positioned to show the ring he was rocking.

And the cute girl in the car, of course:

Adam Lind Wedding Ring

Lind captioned the admittedly adorable pic:

"Babes loves to play in the 'race car' :)"

And fans love to wonder about that ring.

In another photo with both of his daughters, Paislee and Aubree (Chelsea Houska's little girl), Adam again put the ring on full display.

"Cuddles," he captioned this absolute gem:

Adam Lind and Daughters

As for Stasia Huber, Lind's lover and possible wife?

The couple broke up over the Adam Lind nude photo issue earlier this year but rekindled their love post arse-eating scandal this spring.

Great couples always find their way back together.

This isn't the first time that Adam and Stasia have teased fans about a possible engagement, and we're guessing that's all it is this time:

A tease. A good one, given the cute kids involved especially.

But we're calling B.S. just the same. We see through it. A ring can just be a ring ... and can you actually see that douche getting hitched?

Think about it. He's going to quietly propose to Stasia but not Chelsea Houska or Taylor Halbur, with whom he fathered his daughters?

Or Jessica Nicole or Brooke Beaton, for that matter?

Exactly. The tattooed womanizer, steroid abuser, occasional baby creator and frequent child support evader is not one to put a ring on it. 

Just one to put a ring on himself, apparently.

Hey, you gotta do what you have to do to stay relevant ... especially when you're Adam Lind. What else does he have going on, honestly?

Beats getting a real job any day of the week.

All that talk about Lind leaving Teen Mom 2 is bogus, speaking of which. No way he's walking away from the easiest checks he can get.

That child support he owes his multiple baby mamas isn't going to pay itself. He knows this, Dr. Drew knows this and fans know this.

Dude clearly loves the publicity hardcore too. 

We'll say this: While Chelsea Houska and Cole De Boer may not want to get married on camera, Lind would have no such reservations.

With the cameras. Just the marriage part.

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