Adam Lind Dumps Jessica Nicole For Brooke Beaton; Gets Accused of Steroid, Domestic Use By Ex!

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Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy Adam Lind loves 'em and leaves 'em like it's his friggin job, ditching Jessica Nicole for his latest girlfriend Brooke Beaton.

Nicole isn't taking it well, either.

Jessica posted a slew of incriminating photos involving her wayward ex, who has daughters by Houska AND Taylor Halbur, on her Instagram account ...

Adam Lind, Steroids
Adam Lind, Kids

“Happy Monday Adam! Enjoy! Karma is really a b!tch," she captioned the shocking pics, in which he appears to be injecting himself with a hypodermic needle.

Another photo in Nicole's collage captures a bottle of Systanon 250 and another contains Tren Ace 100, both anabolic steroids and controlled substances.

Adam Lind is in jail all the damn time and has been arrested so regularly that we often lose count of how many time and for what DUI charge. Issues.

“Those are my arms after Adam thought it was cool to put his hands on me,” Nicole, who was rumored to be Lind's third baby mama, wrote to a follower.

“He threatened me with saying he would tell people I was a porn star, or he caught me stripping in Omaha,” she continued, tearing apart her former beau.

“He’s threatened to make up a whole bunch of stuff about me now!”

Last week, Nicole also accused Lind of getting physical during their relationship, saying “I LEFT HIS VIOLENT A**! He has physical and mental abuse issue[s]… BAD!”

She also says Lind, who claims to be sober, but if you watch Teen Mom 2 online, rarely has it together, was drinking before a recent driving-related arrest.

“Now let’s be honest…You WERE drinking. You had 2 beers and they didn’t test you for hours. That’s the ONLY reason you blew all 000,” she claims.

Quoted by Radar, Nicole called her ex scary and “dangerous.”

“He’s grabbed me by the neck, thrown me around, all kinds of stuff ... I have a different boyfriend and really wish I never met Adam. I just want this to go away.”

Not surprisingly, Chelsea Houska has become very concerned.

“Chelsea is very concerned about Adam’s behavior,” says an insider close to the Teen Mom 2 star. “Chelsea is Aubree’s mother and of course she’s going to protect her."

She has her work cut out, from the looks of it. Stay tuned.

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