Adam Lind: Graphic Sex Photo Posted on Instagram!

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Notorious Teen Mom D-bag Adam Lind has been having a rough time on social media lately.

Last week, Lind went on a racist rant on Instagram and ended up being called out as an a-hole by fans. So in a way, his latest scandal involves what you might describe as an act of self-love.

Adam Lind and Jessica Nicole

That's Adam with Jessica Nicole, whom he dated briefly in 2014, before dumping her for Brooke Beaton.

Obviously, a good deal of time has passed, but Jess must still feel a little salty about the way things ended, because she recently perpetrated an act of revenge straight out of Human Centipede. Amber Rose would be proud.

If you haven't figured it out yet, we're saying that Jessica revealed to the world that Adam likes to - as the kids say - eat the booty like groceries.

You can see the explicit photo that Jessica posted and quickly deleted over at Radar Online.

Remarkably, the pic was reportedly not meant as an "eff you" to Adam, but was instead simply an ill-advised joke:

“Jessica jokingly sent Adam the photo and teased him about posting it,” the source explains. “As a joke, he told her to do it, not thinking she would. But then she did!”

Equally shocking is the fact that Adam had to tell Jessica that that's not the sort of thing she should post online:

“He thought it would make him look bad,” the insider says. “He has worked hard at stabilizing his life.”

If this were any other D-lister we might be surprised, but we expect this sort of thing from Chelsea Houska's ex. 

After all, you are what you eat.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to be reminded of just what an ass Adam can be.

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