Farrah Abraham SLAMMED by Fans for This Photo of Her Daughter

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Farrah Abraham is constantly catching flak from fans for her actions - and the great majority of the time, it's justified.

Farrah on the Reunion

Whether she's screaming at her mother or lying about rape, the Teen Mom OG star's bad behavior would easily qualify her for the THG Most Hated Celebrities Hall of Fame. (If you could call her a celebrity.)

Farrah is now coming under fire for a photo she recently shared of herself on vacation in Hawaii with her six-year-old daughter Sophia.

In this Instagram pic, the mother-daughter duo wear matching grass skirts and leis, with Sophia sporting a bra fashioned out of coconut shells while Farrah surprisingly keeps her shirt on.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia in Hawaii

"Making memories! So proud of the mom I'm able to be for @Sophialabraham," the soon-to-be 25-year-old wrote in the caption.

"From #Iowa to Hawaii #BestHawaiiTripEver," she added.

The two were attending a luau while on the island, which seems harmless at first glance, but some fans weren't amused by the photo.

"A coconut bra? For a 6 year old. Great," wrote one user.

"Give all the pedophiles something to jerk off to. Pimping your daughter."

Wow. A bit extreme and disturbing, but that user was far from alone.

"She's trying hoe her daughter out now Jesus christ," chimed in another.

"OK this so bad she needs to wear a shirt," added yet another critic.

Amid the negative chatter, a few fans came to the Teen Mom OG diva's defense, including this riled up individual:

"Stfu seriously?...she is doing what other mother's that give a damn do... BE F**KING SILLY WITH HER DAUGHTER !!!"

"They look happy!!! And probably are having a blast!..who gives a flyin f**k if she has no filter for the comments she makes."

To be sure, Farrah has earned the majority of criticism she receives on a daily basis, but this pic seems fairly harmless.

Sophia would be exposing more if she wore a two-piece bathing suit, so perhaps folks should save their ire for Farrah's truly disgusting antics - plenty of which the future is certain to hold.

What do you think of this photo of Farrah and Sophia?

Silly and fun or totally inappropriate for a child? Where does it rank among Farrah's most cringe-worthy moments? Discuss!

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