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Earlier this week, Taylor Swift seemingly moved her romance with Tom Hiddleston forward 100 steps when she introduced her new bae to her parents in Nashville.

Taylor Swift, All Made Up
Photo via Getty
Taylor Swift, All Made Up
Photo via Getty

"Insiders" claim Taylor thinks Tom’s "the one" and "wouldn’t waste her mom’s time" if she wasn’t serious about him.

Now, Tom is returning the gesture by taking Taylor to Suffolk, England to meet his mother for a whole new round of staged pics.

Tom and Tay hold hands on the beach as his mum Diane likely asks, "Am I walking at the proper angle for the cameras, love?"

This relationship seems to be accelerating at breakneck speed, and we might not be so skeptical of its veracity if the two weren’t so stinking obvious about it.

It’s been barely a month since Taylor confirmed her breakup with Calvin Harris and went public with Hiddleston.

The love triad has been an obsession with the gossip world, and all three appear to be baiting the tabloids by flaunting the intimate details while pretending to be coy.

I mean, paparazzi just happens to be hanging out on the beach in Suffolk? And on Rhode Island, where the first pics of the two were shot? Please.

Taylor and the British actor were also recently spotted dancing and cuddling at a Selena Gomez concert, where they knew camera phones would capture any signs of PDA.

Last week, Calvin apparently tried to shed some light on the case by claiming his ex "controlled the media and this situation," stating that he "had no idea what was going on."

But the DJ’s little mini-rant on Twitter only brought more attention to the publicity stunt.

Taylor has bashed the media on numerous occasions for focusing so heavily on her love life, now here she is just spoon feeding it to us.

Perhaps we’re all just part of a little experiment she’s conducting, after which she’ll pop out from behind the shadows and shout "A-ha!" or "Gotcha!" or some such.

Pairing a superstar with a rising star is a classic PR move, and Hiddleston’s management scored big time.

While he’s enjoyed supporting roles in the Avenger films and a few period pieces, Hiddleston is a relative unknown and rumored to be the next James Bond, so it sounds like someone needs his good name pumped up in anticipation.

Maybe I’m just cynical. It’s possible Taylor and Tom have fallen head over heels in love within a few short weeks and Calvin has been left scorned.

But frankly, everything about this new romance kinda makes me wanna upchuck, and I find it offensive that Taylor and Co. think we’re dumb enough to believe it.