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Jenelle Evans pretty much lives in court, so at this point she probably thinks nothing of standing in front of a judge and defending her competency as a mother.

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For most people fighting two custody battles at once would be a deeply strange experience that might trigger some serious self-examination.

For Jenelle, it’s just another day as the Carolina Hurricane.

Fortunately, it looks as though she’s now back to fighting a war on only one front, as Radar Online is reporting that Jenelle and Nathan Griffith have reached an agreement for shared custody of 1-year-old son Kaiser.

The settlement reportedly calls for joint custody, with Kaiser spending most of the week at Jenelle’s house.

Yes, Jenelle has been granted primary physical custody of a human child. What an age we live in!

“Both parties have signed the agreement,” an attorney for Evans tells Radar.

Evans and Griffith first squared off in court back in March, and those familiar with the case say it was a particularly ugly one.

Jenelle was reportedly reduced to tears on several occasions, once while telling the court that Nathan gave Kaiser his first haircut without her knowledge or permission.

The incident was captured on an episode of Teen Mom 2:

Jenelle Evans FREAKS OUT On Nathan Griffith Over Son's Haircut! WATCH!

Sources say she also tearfully told the court about an incident in which Nathan took Kaiser out of state without her permission.

Interestingly, while all of this was going on, Jenelle testified against Nathan in a larceny case that stemmed from him allegedly stealing her car earlier this year.

The charge was eventually dropped, and the incident appears to have had no impact on the custody hearings.

Now Jenelle just has to get custody of 6-year-old Jace back from her mom, and she’ll be all set.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of why that will never, ever happen.