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Last week, Jenelle Evans bragged that she’ll soon be fighting "two custody battles" at once

Today, we learned that one of them will be getting underway much sooner than expected.

Jathan Photo

According to Radar Online, Jenelle and Nathan Griffith will face off in court on Monday, which leaves Evans with less than one week to prepare for what could be a very ugly legal battle. 

The pre-trial orientation will allow Jenelle and Nathan a final opportunity to settle things amicably – but those in Jenelle’s inner circle doubt that she’ll take the opportunity.

“It’s a mediation orientation on Monday,” one source says. “They explain to you how and where Jenelle and Nathan would negotiate on terms of custody.

“For mediation, it would be Jenelle and Nathan in a room with a legal authority overseeing their talks."

Yes, if they’re able to see eye-to-eye on the matter, Jenelle and Nathan can sort custody of little Kaiser out for themselves, rather than having a judge decide.

But based on the fact that Jenelle is already suing Nathan for child support (even though she’s the one with a freakin’ MTV show), we’re guessing that’s not gonna happen. 

As for the other custody battle, Jenelle will soon face off against her infamous mother, Barbara Evans, who’s been raising her youngest child pretty much since he was an infant.

Needless to say, exciting times are ahead for Ms. Evans.

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