Farrah Abraham: New Reality Show Coming to Netflix???

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Really, Netflix? Is it true?

Farrah Abraham in yellow gown

We here at THG are seriously questioning whether the streaming service would do such a thing, but a certain controversial reality star is promoting a sure-to-be controversial reality show starring herself on Netflix.

It's Farrah Abraham.

The Teen Mom OG personality and amateur porn actress appears to be announcing a new show called Farrah & Chill on her Instagram.

Farrah Abraham reality show, "Farrah & Chill"?

Farrah captioned the image simply "#Netflix #Farrah&chill.

Of course, it's missing the Netflix logo and the branding looks entirely off, so it's possible Farrah just had this created of her own volition. 

Fans also weren't clear if this show has actually been greenlighted.

"Is this for real?" asked many followers.

Response to the idea of a Farrah reality show were a mixed bag.

Some hated the idea: "I'd rather stab my eyes out."

While some loved it: "I legit cannot wait to watch this. Talk about entertainment."

Still others loved and hated it simultaneously: "Ew that's disgusting. But I kinda wanna see her doing porn."

Indeed, many assumed that since Farrah was in it, the series would be pornographic in nature.

"I'm going too cancel my membership if this is real! Porn on Netflix...smh!" wrote one user.

We couldn't find news of "Farrah & Chill" anywhere, so it's possible the mom of one is using this as a tactic to pitch Netflix - or she's just trying to create publicity for herself.

Like when she called Blac Chyna a "monkey" on Instagram in an obvious attempt to get press.

Luckily, Chyna never responded and the story died quickly, but another controversy soon arose, shockingly not initiated by Farrah herself.

Earlier this week, a Jonathan Lee Riches claimed that he was the true father of Farrah's daughter Sophia. But that's not the best part.

He also revealed that he impregnated the star when she was a minor at the behest of his mentor, Josh Duggar.

There's no doubt a reality show about Farrah would be entertaining, but for the sake of this country's integrity, we hope it never comes to fruition.

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