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Charlie Sheen is back in the news.

For a very Charlie Sheen-like reason.

The controversial actor has been named a suspect in a criminal investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department for supposedly making threats against an unnamed victim.

The news comes just says after ex-fiancee Brett Rossi filed for a restraining order against Sheen.

A rep for the star told E! News that he has no comment, but a police spokesperson has confirmed that, on March 31, officers “completed an investigative report where Charlie Sheen was listed as a suspect in the investigation.”

A search warrant has been obtained for this case and this is considered to be a criminal investigation.

Again, few details are available at this time, but we previously reported on the rumor that Sheen threatened to have Rossi murdered.

“This piece of sh-t needs to be f–king buried,” Sheen reportedly told a friend of Rossi, citing supposedly treasonous actions by his ex and adding:

“You know what treason is? It’s punishable by death.”

Said John Taylor, a lawyer for Rossi, in response to his client being granted a protective order against Sheen:

“She takes this very seriously. We take this very seriously. He has physically abused her in the past. She is getting all the legal protection that she can from him at this time.”

Rossi and Sheen were engaged for almost a year before they broke up in late 2014, just weeks before their scheduled wedding.

Then, this past December, Rossi filed a civil lawsuit against Sheen, accusing him of assault and battery and of failing to tell her he was HIV-positive.

She also alleges that Sheen forced her to have an abortion.

It’s sad stuff all around. We really thought these two were gonna make it.