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Yesterday, we reported that Charlie Sheen was recorded making death threats against former girlfriend Brett Rossi.

Today, the Los Angeles law enforcement officials all but confirmed that report by issuing Rossi an emergency 7-day restraining order against Sheen.

Sources tell TMZ a judge granted the order today after Rossi complained about an undisclosed incident involving Sheen.

Though the exact nature of her complaint remains unknown, it is widely assumed that Rossi alerted the court to the National Enquirer’s report about Sheen’s alleged threats.

In the tapes, which have not been released to the public, Sheen allegedly tells a female friend that he would wants Rossi “be f–king buried.”

The actor goes into detail with regard to how he would like to pay someone to physically harm Rossi:

“I’d rather spend 20-grand to have her head kicked in. Then people will realize, oh, it’s dangerous,” he says at one point.

After Sheen revealed that he’s HIV positive last year, he stated that several former sex partners demanded bribes in exchange for keeping his diagnosis a secret.

Rossi was reportedly one of the women who asked Sheen for cash, and the tape recording reportedly captures him in the moments after he got off the phone with the former adult film star.

The LAPD hasn’t issued a statement on the matter, but it’s widely assumed that they’re investigating Sheen’s alleged threats.