Bristol Palin Threatens Azealia Banks: What Did She Say?

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Bristol Palin has taken a break from randomly inserting herself into various controversies in order to insert herself into one of the more random celebrity feuds of this decade.

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Azealia Banks Takes a Peek

Indeed... the unwed mother of two has A LOT to say about Azealia Banks.

Earlier this month, the singer went off on Bristol's mom via a series of X-rated Tweets, at one point suggesting that Sarah Palin ought to be the victim of a sexual assault at the hands of multiple black men.

Banks quickly deleted the inflammatory messages, but not before they were captured for eternity by the Internet.

In response, Sarah Palin says she plans to sue Banks and "share [her] winnings with others who have gone defenseless against lies and dangerous attacks far too long."

Now, in a Patheos blog titled “Azealia, which of your songs will teach me your values?,” Bristol responded to Azealia's inappropriate comments.

"I want to start off this post by saying I would never wish any of these threats on Azealia's mother (or anyone's mother for that matter)," Bristol wrote.

She then quotes what Banks Tweeted about how the "burliest blackest negroes" out there should "run a train on" Sarah Palin and continued:

"It is unfortunate people in my generation think they can do, and say, whatever they wish without any sort of consequence. There are consequences for every action you make Miss Bank$, and there will be consequences for your unimaginable threats."

Banks also Tweeted that Bristol would not have so many “cotdamn kids” if she listed to some of her music, to which Bristol came back with what we have to admit is pretty great reply.

"Which song should I have been listening too?" she asked Banks, listing the titles of some of Banks' better known singles, such as Hood Bitch, P-U-S-S-Y and Queen of Clubs.

Afraid of actually being sued, Banks responded to Sarah Palin's threat of a lawsuit by saying she was "completely kidding" with her initial remarks.

But she also added the following:

"When you're a public figure who courts attention, you can't sue ppl for making jokes. Freedom of Speech girllllyyyyy."

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