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If you haven’t been keeping up with Ariel Winter’s Instagram in recent weeks, then we’re sad to say it, but you’ve been wasting your life.

First, there was a trip to Paris, where Ariel wore a low-cut dress that made her followers say sacre bleu! Then she hit the beach for spring break, and the resulting photos of Ariel’s butt in a bikini showed the world that she’s got it goin’ on from all angles.

Ariel Winter Does Yoga in a Bikini

Now, we have this ironclad proof that the world is a beautiful place.

Ariel’s vacation ended last week, but today, she blessed us with this photo of herself doing yoga in a bikini. And it’s not even our birthdays.

We’ve done nothing to deserve this, but it makes us glad to live in a universe with a giving, benevolent Ariel Winter.

Sure, Ariel has a boyfriend, but that doesn’t stop her bestowing gifts like this unto the Internet, and for that, we thank her.

Her relationship also doesn’t stop her from openly discussing her celebrity girl crushes, which is also kinda great.

"I know it’s not #WCW but how beautiful is @badgalriri ?!! #obsessed," Ariel wrote in a post from yesterday.

On a somewhat related note Rihanna is very naked in the video for "Needed Me" that came out earlier this morning.

In short, it’s a good day to be alive.