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Millions of Americans celebrated Easter over the weekend, many by putting on their Sunday best and posing for photos with loved ones.

Modern Family star and Internet perv-magnet Ariel Winter marked the occasion like so many others by putting on an appropriately spring-like frock and taking some a pic with those closest to her heart. Yes, we’re talking about her giant boobs.

Ariel Winter Cleavage Photo

Ariel posted the above photo on Sunday along with a caption reading "#HappyEaster," but judging from the comments, church services and chocolate bunnies were the last things on her fans’ minds.

Many of Ariel’s followers were moved by the holy spirit to mash their caps lock keys and inform the world that they’re LIKE LEGIT DEAD RIGHT NOW OMG.

Others dubbed her a queen and encouraged her to "slaaaaaaay."

Still others went in-depth, with messages that lead us to believe they’re not aware that Ariel just turned 18 about six weeks ago. 

We’re not gonna say those comments were definitely written by Tyga, but we wouldn’t be surprised, ya know?

Obviously, Ariel has accepted the fact that she’s gonna receive all kinds of attention whenever she posts a photo.

Fortunately, much of it comes from young fans who look to her as a body-positivity role model.

In the past, Ariel has proudly displayed her breast reduction surgery scars and written long messages to her teen followers who may be struggling with bullying or self-esteem issues.

So nest time you see an Ariel Winter bikini photo, go ahead and hit "like," guilt-free. 

Just don’t be too weird in the comments section, please.