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2016 has already been full of surprises (Remember when Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna were were just supporting characters who happened to be on the soap opera?), but there are two recent developments that we really should’ve seen coming:

1. Our New Year’s resolutions fell by the wayside before February, as they do every year. 2. Ariel Winter has emerged as the new barely-legal obsession of choice for millions of Instagram users, which is hardly shocking when you look at her most recent pics:

Ariel Winter Butt Photo

Ariel in a bikini has become a familiar sight, but the photo that Ariel posted yesterday is attracting a whole new demographic of Internet pervs thanks to the revelation that the Modern Family star is in possession of a secret weapon that might help launch her to Kardashian-levels of online scrutiny.

Yes, we’re talking about dat ass.

Up to this point, Ariel’s huge boobs have served as the primary preoccupation of her 1.6 million Instagram followers.

The 18-year-old’s recent breast reduction surgery ironically only augmented her popularity.

Recent photos of Ariel in a low-cut dress have racked up six-figure likes in less than a day, and she’s quickly becoming one of the biggest teenage social media queens in the game.

Now she’s demonstrated that she truly understands the Internet in 2016 by posting a photo that shows she’s got curves from all angles.

The dude in the picture is Ariel’s boyfriend of two years, Laurent Gaudette, but no one seems too really care about him. Go figure.