Yolanda Foster: Lisa Rinna Meddles In Other People's Business!

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Before we begin, I'd like to ask Bravo to screen storylines go forward, because the ones that exploit an illness arent not awesome.

Yolanda Foster: Premiere Party For 'The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Season 6
Not Sexy

It started with Brooks Ayers on The Real Housewives of Orange County, and he's not even a cast member!  Now, the question of whether or not Yolanda Foster is exaggerating her battle against Lyme Disease is turning into a very awkward, very tired merry-go-round.

After the March 8th episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Foster's blog post was basically a tirade against Lisa Rinna, who first brought up the possibility that Foster's illness was created in her mind.

The Dutch model can't let that accusation go (and no one can really blame her for it), if her most recent blog post is any indication.

Rinna thought Foster's absence at Erica Girardi's dinner party was odd given how close a friendship the two women share.

"I was surprised that Yolanda wasn't there since Erika has been such a loyal and supportive friend to her," Rinna wrote.

"I knew this was somewhat of a big deal for Erika to have us all over to meet Tom, who is a very busy man, and I thought surely Yolanda would make the effort to join us.

"I guess Yolanda didn’t 'count her spoons' that day and wore herself out at lunch with Brandi and Kim," Rinna added.  "Hmmm... oh well."

Foster fought back.

"I am not quite sure why Rinna is so worked up about something that doesn’t involve her," Foster wrote.

"Getting in the middle of other people’s personal business and relationships seems to be a running theme for her."

"Erika so beautifully touched on the practice of respect in tonight’s episode," Foster added.

"Freedom of expression is not a permit to be disrespectful, and it seems there are blurred lines when it comes to this, especially when social media is involved."

Ok then!  

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