Yolanda Foster & Lisa Rinna: STILL Fighting Over Lyme Disease Claims?!

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Last month, Yolanda Foster and Lisa Rinna engaged in a Twitter feud over the ongoing question of whether or not Yolanda is really suffering from Lyme disease.

Lisa Rinna at the Reunion
Yolanda Foster Gets Treatment For Lyme Disease

It may seem like an odd thing to question, but Lisa is not alone in her belief that Yolanda might be faking the whole thing to gain attention and sympathy from others.

And in defense of the Yolanda-truthers, there are some sketchy details that make it seem as though Yolanda is only pretending to be ill.

For example, she recently revealed that two of her her children also have Lyme disease, which is bizarre, because the disease isn't contagious through casual contact with infected humans, and is usually transmitted through deer tick bites.

Did the entire family go camping and forget to bring the Off? Did Oswald act alone? Can jet fuel really melt steel beams?!

We got a little carried away there, but the point is, the controversy over Yolanda's illness is complex, and there's a good chance it'll never be resolved.

But while theories about Elvis helping the Illuminati fake the moon landing are usually confined to the scarier corners of the Internet, the great Yolanda Lyme disease debate might soon take center stage on national television.

Yes, according to Radar Online, Yolanda is planning to confront Lisa on the upcoming Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special.

“Even though Yolanda and Lisa made up on camera, the friendship is still very much on the rocks,” the source continued. “She is going to give Lisa an ultimatum, fess up, or the friendship is over.”

Even though Lisa is just one of several people who has openly questioned Yolanda's illness, Foster is reportedly planning to single her out because Rinna was on her side at first, and her sudden change of heart made Yolanda feel betrayed.

Like we said, this thing is complex, y'all. We're pretty sure the Free Masons are somehow involved.

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