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If you’ve been anywhere near the Internet in the past month, than you know about Beyonce’s new single "Formation."

Even if you’ve never heard the song, you’re surely familiar with the media coverage surrounding Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance of the hit single, as the black pride-infused lyrics made some idiots uncomfortable.

Rihanna: 2016 BRIT Awards
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Beyonce at Halftime
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Now, you can add one more item to the list of controversies stirred up by "Formation" – it kicked off what may be the start of a full-blown feud between Bey and Rihanna.

According to multiple sources, yesterday, Rih "liked" a tweet that featured a photo of an unhappy-looking Jay Z, along with a caption reading:

"The fact that "Desperado" is HIGHER on the chart than a single performed to a global audience."

"Desperado" is a song off of Rihanna’s highly-anticipated Anti album. The "single performed to a global audience" is presumably "Formation," which reached 114 million television viewes in the US alone.

Rihanna eventually "unliked" the tweet, but not before a screenshot was re-tweeted thousands of times. 

So will this be the start of a war of words between two of the biggest names in music?

Unlikely. RiRi is a protege of Jay Z’s and she’s still affilitated with his RocNation and Tidal business ventures.

A Beyonce and Rihanna feud would be one for the ages, but we think both women are smart enough to not take each other on.