11 GIFs That Prove Beyonce Won Super Bowl 50

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Who runs the world? Girls!

Actually... one girl in particular.

With all due respect to the Denver Broncos, who supposedly came out on top of the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 despite compiling fewer than 200 total yards on offense, there was one clear winner on Sunday night.

And it was not Peyton Manning. 

It was Beyonce Knowles.

Not only did she simply own the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, she managed to pay tribute to Michael Jackson during her performance and then announce a world tour immediately afterward.

Seriously, did you have more fun watching Manning hand off all night or Beyonce flip her hair while dancing around to her new single, "Formation?"

We rest of our case. And we'll now let these Beyonce halftime GIFs speak for themselves...

1. A Tribute to Michael Jackson

A Tribute to Michael Jackson
Check out Beyonce's outfit at Super Bowl 50. This was a tribute to the King of Pop himself.

2. Beyonce On Fire

Beyonce On Fire
Beyonce was literally on fire while performing "Formation" during halftime of Super Bowl 50. Sort of literally, that is.

3. Formation Domination

Formation Domination
Just bow down to Beyonce, people. Bow all the way down, please.

4. The Queen Smiles

The Queen Smiles
We don't really care what the scoreboard said. Sorry, Denver. But Beyonce won Super Bowl 50.

5. The Hair Flip

The Hair Flip
It's as famous as nearly any song she sings. Check out the Beyonce hair flip here!

6. Simply the Greatest

Simply the Greatest
We heard that Coldplay and Bruno Mars also performed at halftime. Who knew?!?!?!?!?

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