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Is more Kardashian nonsense coming our way?

Rob Kardashian Rocks a Mask
Blac Eye

Rob Kardashian and his love of two-ish months, Blac Chyna are ready to become even more famous.  

Either that, or they just want to cash in on their relationship.

"They’re talking about doing their own reality show,” a source told Us Weekly.

The thing is, Kardashian hasn’t filmed anything since 2013, so producers are not 100% on board with him committing to (then, they probably fear, bailing on) a brand new show.

“E! would be hesitant about a spinoff,” an insider on the production team revealed. “They’d need to see him film on ‘Keeping Up’ first.”

The Kardashians family seems OK with him coming back to film.

“Kris Jenner would totally get behind this,” the production source added.

“If it takes Blac Chyna to help Rob rejoin life, Kris will be on board.”

Chyna has been a positive influence on Kardashian’s life since they started dating, from creating healthy meals to daily workouts.

The family believes this new project "might get him out of his funk"

The only one not 100% on board with this idea is Kylie Jenner, 18, who is dating Chyna’s ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Tyga.

"There will have to be an awkward talk with her beforehand," the source said of Kardashian and his little sister.

She’ll get over it.  On with the show!