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Teen Moms Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans are taking it to the Twitter gutter with their latest feud. 

Terrible shock, I know!

Jenelle Evans looks thoughtful
Kailyn Lowry in car

In this instance, Kailyn started it by making fun of the mystery illness Jenelle has been battling for about two months.

“Can’t sleep. Call all the specialists in NYC, LA, Miami, etc. #mysteryillness call The Doctors tv show….” Kailyn tweeted last night.

It was an obvious dig at her Teen Mom 2 co-star, who sought a diagnosis from numerous specialists for her debilitating symptoms before appearing on the medical show The Doctors.

Pretty low, Kailyn, taking a jab at someone’s declining health. Obviously, Jenelle was compelled to do her one better.

“Come on let’s talk. Answer your phone,” she tweets back.

Perhaps Jenelle actually tried to call Kail directly, but got a voice mail. And that’s when she took the lowest of the low roads.

“Jenelle… You can’t take a joke? Well here is a joke… Everyone call Kail…” tweeted Jenelle, and then POSTED KAILYN’S PHONE NUMBER.

Kailyn Lowry - Jenelle Evans Twitter feud over illness

Yep, her actual phone number (which she later deleted). But she wasn’t done.

“Your attitude will kill you one day. No wonder you feel the world’s against u… So you pick on me?” she wrote. (Okay, this one we kinda agree with.)

Finally, Jenelle wrote, “We will see each other next week,” to which Kailyn replied, “I’ll try to be nicer. Guess my jokes aren’t funny.”

Yeah, none of this is funny, it’s all just sad.

We thought Kailyn was actually beginning to show signs of maturity (well, you know, for her) when she responded calmly to some excoriating comments dirtbag Matt Baier lodged against her, but it sounds like her foray into adulthood was short-lived.

And Jenelle, if you’re supposed to be ridding your life of anxiety per doctor’s orders, maybe you should just stay away from engaging in Twitter feuds with your co-stars. Not everything needs a response.

Then again, a Teen Mom wouldn’t be a Teen Mom without the theatrics, so in light of that lecture, pass the friggin’ popcorn!