Jim Carrey Makes Bad Poop Joke About Kim Kardashian, Fails

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There are folks who love a good poop joke, and those who don't.

But even the biggest fans of scatological humor aren't feeling the funny Jim Carrey just made about Kim Kardashian. Not because it's gross, but because it just doesn't make any sense.

Jim Carrey and Kim Kardashian nude selfie

This entire damn week in celebrity news has been devoted to the nude selfie Kim Kardashian posted on Monday, with everyone from Amber Rose to Ellen DeGeneres weighing in. So naturally, Jim Carrey had to throw his hat into the ring.

The (former?) comedian tried to make a funny with this tweet:

Jim Carrey tweet about Kim K's ass

If he were on a stage at the Comedy Cellar, you'd hear the proverbial crickets in the room.

Now, this could have been a funny joke, if it had been applied to the appropriate naked Kim Kardashian selfie.

Allow us to break it down for you.

"Thank you @KimKardashian for showing us where you poop" - Okay, we get this. She's in the bathroom, i.e., "where you poop." Fair enough.

"...and what you poop with" - Now here's where Jim gets into trouble. He seems to be referring to her butt, because, ya know, that's what you poop with. But in this particular naked Kim Kardashian selfie, we don't see her butt.

"You must have very big poops!" - Again, a reference to Kim's ass, which we all know is humongous. Big butt = big poops, surmises Jim. But again, her badonkadonk ain't in the shot, so the joke falls flat.

You see, Jim's joke would've made perfect sense if it followed Kim's naked photo from Paper magazine - you know the one - where pretty much ALL YOU SEE is her abundant buns.

It's almost as if Jim had the perfect comeback, but thought of it a year and a half too late.

He waited and waited patiently for another naked Kim selfie so he could drop it - but alas! - this time it was a frontal shot. But damn if he wasn't going to use this joke he'd been saving for months!

We're disappointed in you, Jim. If you're going for poop humor, at least consider the butt of your joke.

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