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It’s been a rough few weeks for Tori Spelling.

First we learned that Spelling is completely broke, thanks to a lawsuit resulting from a $38,000 debt to American Express. (The company claims that when Tori last attempted to pay her bill back in June, her $1,000 check bounced.)

The public humiliations continued from there, as the world learned that Tori’s being forced to shill for a psychic network and beg her mom for money in order to pay the bills.  

Tori Spelling in 2021

But, of course, the greatest embarrassments have involved Spelling’s deadbeat husband, Dean McDermott.

Not only has Tori been forced to pay Dean’s back child support payments, he’s reportedly repaid her by slipping back into his old ways and hitting on random women behind Tori’s back.

“Dean is talking to and hitting on girls all the time when he goes out,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online. “He’s constantly pointing out ‘hot’ girls.”

The insider says that McDermott is quite brazen in his perviness, adding that he was recently spotted “talking to some girl and getting her phone number” just a few feet from where Spelling was standing.

You may remember that McDermott’s affair with Emily Goodhand was the major source of drama for the couple’s most recent Lifetime reality series.

So maybe Dean is trying to help his family out of a tough financial spot by cheating again? Nah, he’s probably just a douche.